Our mission is to radically accelerate the pace of software development for every company in the world.

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The world is increasingly built on software. The faster we move the pace of software development, the faster we accelerate growth & technological development.
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Y Combinator
“One of the strongest teams that I have seen”
Jared Friedman
partner at Y Combinator

Technical challenges at Meticulous

The technology at Meticulous is complex — it’s breaking new ground, almost more at the research end of CS.

System Result

Build a distributed system to concurrently replay thousands of sessions, such that a developer gets a result in seconds.


Augment chromium to speed up the replay of sessions in a way that retains determinism.


Derive algorithms to detect sessions that cover differing code paths and edge cases, and ignore sessions that are too similar.

Our values

Find the truth
Find the truth

Know what your underlying assumptions are and test them. Strategically identify implicit assumptions in high-investment decisions and systematically validate or invalidate each one. Work to disconfirm your beliefs.

Collaborate closely & enjoy the journey together!

We always try to help each other, before we're asked to do so. We teach with compassion, which means sharing our knowledge and realising the leverage of empowering our teammates. We provide continuous feedback to each other, support our teammates, win as a team and regularly celebrate this. Such tight collaboration on problems as challenging and groundbreaking as those at Meticulous can be a lot of fun. We lean into that, and try every day to make each others’ experience as fun as possible.


We relentlessly focus on the #1 highest impact task to drive our business forward. We push ourselves to think strategically about what truly matters: it's too easy to fall into working on the most noticeable & immediate next thing without thinking from first principles on what actually moves Meticulous closer to achieving our mission, or helps us discover the path to do so.

In addition we want to solve a few problems extremely well. It’s dangerously easy to fall into the trap of trying to solve everything for everyone.

Our investors say

“The demand for software has outpaced the tooling to support developers. Meticulous is a solution to help front-end developers build more robust software that is safe and reliable as they build the future of our web-based economy.”

Andy Chen
General Partner, Coatue

“Meticulous has assembled one of the strongest software engineering teams that we've seen, and I’m excited to see them build a product that automatically detects regressions in web applications, so that engineers can go back to focusing on what they do best: building.”

Alana Goyal
Base Case Capital

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