Catch UI bugs without writing or maintaining UI tests

Automatically catch UI bugs on your web application by replaying user traffic. Testing out of the box with no maintenance burden.

"Once you start using Meticulous, you won’t want to stop. It provides confidence without the effort of writing and maintaining tests. I love the tight feedback loop of seeing a visual confirmation of my changes, and any unwanted side effects."

Joel Hollingsmith
Engineer at Patchwork

"Meticulous eliminated the need to write and maintain frontend tests across my engineering organization. One of the most exciting DevTools on the market today."

Seth Carney
CTO of Courier

"We trust Meticulous to be the sole front-end testing system for our app. It has caught countless UI bugs and regressions without us having to write a single test. This coverage saves us time and gives us confidence to move quickly."

Nick Hrynuik
Engineer at WithPower

Meticulous in action

Why Meticulous

Testing with no maintenance burden

Zero Maintenance Burden

When you merge a PR, Meticulous automatically updates the baseline images. Review diffs in a matter of seconds.

Setup in sixty seconds

Inject our snippet and integrate into your CI with one line of code and two clicks.

Ship faster

Ship faster with greater confidence in your code, achieving much higher coverage and reliability than what's possible with Cypress or traditional testing.


How it works

Insert our JavaScript snippet

Install this onto production or staging and dev environments. This snippet will record user sessions by collecting clickstream and network data. The snippet is highly performant and automatically redacts sensitive data from reaching our servers. Book a call to find out more.

Install our GitHub bot or integrate Meticulous into your CI.

This allows Meticulous to detect new PRs and post comments.

Start catching visual regressions!

When you post a pull request, Meticulous selects a subset of sessions which are relevant and simulates these against the frontend of your application.

Meticulous takes screenshots at key points and detects any visual differences. It posts those diffs in a comment for you to inspect in a few seconds. Meticulous automatically updates the baseline images after you merge your PR.

This eliminates the setup and maintenance burden of UI testing.

Meticulous isolates the frontend code by mocking out all network calls, using the previously recorded network responses. This means Meticulous never causes side effects and you don't need to have a staging environment. It could even run completely disconnected from the internet.

Meticulous Demo Screenshot

Tiers without tears

Open source plan
Unlimited pull requests per month
Free plan
Test 10 pull requests per month.
Starter plan
Test 40 pull requests per month.
Enterprise plan
Reach out at

Frequently Asked Questions

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